February Scrap Surcharge will be $.074/lb*** March Scrap Surcharge will be $.1014/lb We are currently looking for a first-shift Senior Lab/Quality Control Technician. Visit our Career page to learn more Auto Bolt is pleased to announce that we were recognized as a 2022 Wurth Industry North America Gold Supplier

Auto Bolt Capabilities

Auto Bolt is an experienced cold-head fastener manufacturer, specializing in low-to-medium volume, high-performance and commercial fasteners. Auto Bolt offers extensive fastener knowledge at all levels of the organization, along with engineering assistance as early as the quoting stage. 

Our in-house capabilities include: 

  • High-speed bolt making 
  • Cold headingsingle and multi-die capabilities 
  • Roll threading/knurling 
  • Trimming/extruding 
  • Straightening/blanking 
  • Shaving 
  • Sorting 
  • Head marking programs (customer logo) 
  • Tool design/tool manufacturing 

We marry these capabilities with the best partner processes and technologies to achieve your goals, making us your complete fastener partner.

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