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12-Point Bolts

A 12-point bolt offers the same bearing surface as a hex head cap screw or socket head screw of equivalent sizes. The external drive provides tighter wrenching with a larger gripping surface to offer more torque. Special dimension can be manufactured to meet your needs in inch or metric sizes.

Please note: 12-point bolts are generally made from alloy steels. However, they can be made from different materials based upon customer requirement.

Size Ranges
Inches Metric
Diameter Range 5/16" – 1 1/8" M8 – M27
Length Range 3/8" – 11 3/4"
Standard Materials
Carbon Steels SAE 1008, 1010, 1018, 1038, 1335, 1541, and 10B21
Alloy Steels SAE 4037, 4140, 5140, 8620, 8637, and 8740
Options Zinc, zinc yellow, phos & oil, black oxide, cadmium, and organics. Other coatings on request.
Standards Auto Bolt manufactures certified quality products using industry standards such as ASTM, ASME, ANSI, SAE, ISO, and DIN.
Order Quantity In many instances we are able to manufacture 2,500 pieces, depending on the diameter and geometry of the part.