July Scrap Surcharge $.1024 Additional Alloy surcharges for July 4037- will be $.0317/lb - 4140 will be $.0424/lb - 8640 will be $.0410/lb Auto Bolt is a Top Work Place in Cleveland

Our Initial Process

When We Receive a Print
When we start a request for quote, the part print is reviewed for dimensional, material, processing and other specifications and requirements. Recommendations regarding material, dimensional tolerances, and processing are offered to our customers as needed. If prints are unavailable, we have the ability to reverse engineer a design from samples and offer a proposed drawing. In addition to reviewing new parts, we also make recommendations on existing parts to help with assembly, fit/function, or performance concerns.

When We Receive an Order
Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP) is performed on all new products.

Tool Design
Auto Bolt engineers use AutoCAD to creatively design cold heading tools.

Tool Making
Auto Bolt has a fully staffed in-house tool room which allows us to make tools as needed. We also utilize outside services to help support our tool-making needs.